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Make an appointment with an ophthalmologist who will give you a complete sight-condition assessment. Then, make an appointment at the optician with your correction and LESCA frames.

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Servicing my glasses

Cellulose acetate is a material that is temperature -sensitive, heat will make it soften and cold harden.

It is essential to ‘service’ your glasses every 6 months at an optician who should be able to do it for free with a “heater” (small machine that heats and then straightens the arms). Salt and sun may cause the acetate to become matte after a few months, certain quality opticians are able to repolish it again like new.

Tighten your glasses with a small screwdriver. The screws of your hinges must be tightened regularly with the supplied screwdriver so that you do not lose the branch or the screw (if the branches close by themselves when you handle them it’s time to tighten them!).

Wipe glasses: Always use a microfiber wipe (avoid cloths or t-shirts that damage the treatment on the glasses) In the case of greasy glasses, especially in summer from perspiration, soak glasses in water with dish washing liquid, wipe well and dry.


Ces matières demandent un entretien et un ajustage spécial.

These materials require special maintenance and adjustments.
Ask your LESCA optician or dealer near you (see list here).

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